Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise!

This house belongs to someone who really gets into Christmas decorations. Makes my fairy lights look a bit tame.



Look carefully, there is one ornament I would love to own, a double decker London bus.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I’ve been posting and running all this week, and tonight is no exception. At some point I shall catch up, and I am looking forward to seeing the interpretations for this theme.
Here in London it is definitely winter. Cold, mostly blue skies, but some white ones as in this picture which was mid afternoon today, the light starting to seep out of the sky. Snow promises from not too far away. It is easy to imagine this as a shard of ice.

Cold Shard

Cold Shard

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

It looks like a shiny, pretty present, exciting, full of promise. But things are not always what they seem.

Stop the Traffik Gift Box

Stop the Traffik is raising awareness about human trafficking, and aims to keep these Olympics traffic free. This Gift Box is just outside Westminster Abbey. It is a sobering thought that people are still being bought and sold, that people are brought into this country by individuals who keep them prisoner and who exploit them. To find out more about this campaign click here.
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