The Cat’s Whiskers: Contrast

Some time ago, I noticed MasterB was growing a black whisker. rather charming, I thought. Then last week, I noticed he was growing a second black whisker. Intriguing.

Are his white whiskers slowly going to be replaced by black ones? Has he been secretly dying them? Is this something that will extend to his fur? Shall I come home one day to a cat who has changed from ginger to another colour?

Photographing MasterB close up is full of hazards. Or rarther hazard. He does like to investigate the lens with his nose (another reason for getting a robust camera that isn’t going to have hysterics when these close encounters inevitably occur). This leads to rather unfocused results.

You see how I am excusing myself even before posting them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I have posted quite a number of photos of reflections here in the past, most, like this one, taken when I have been at das Boot. Swans, fenders, boats have all featured. But I have chosen this one because it is the trees and the branches that are reflected; nothing boaty; nothing waterfowl. I like that.

Marina Reflection

Marina Reflection

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