Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

This week’s photo challenge is ascend.

MasterB has no business to climb into the desk drawer.


But already he is planning a leap to the top of the bookcase. Continue reading



This week’s photo challenge is Peek. A quick trawl through some recent photos encourage me to submit these.

First up the Grey Ninja, who eschews the net curtain method for a more direct approach to check out what the neighbours were up to on their garden.

What are you doing there?

But I think they were really after this sort of thing. Continue reading


This week’s challenge is rounded.

These three photos from a visit last month to Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex are my contribution. Continue reading


Pedestrian Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge is Pedestrian. Here’s a contribution from me. Clink the link to see more.
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Windows 2

More reposted pictures for the windows photo challenge I thought I had shared these before, and a bit of a search found them.

They were part of the Southbank summer festival in 2013. Four years ago. Unbelievable. I thought it could have been no more than two. Continue reading



This week’s photo challenge is Windows. I am reposting two pictures of MasterB; one sitting on the sill outside the kitchen window, remarkably insouciant – we live in the second floor (make that the third if you are in a country that counts the ground floor as the first floor); the second is of him looking out at the night at das Boot.

Not a care in the world

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Last week we saw what happens when you don’t take climate crisis seriously. In London we were rain bombed, when goodness knows how many weeks worth of rain fell on the capital in just one day.

This week’s photo challenge is elemental. It seems appropriate. Continue reading



East Anglia is celebrated for its poppies in June. But I have never before seen one growing in the water. The poppy season, like the bluebell, primrose and snowdrop seasons, is short, and very beautiful. Continue reading



Focus is the title of this week’s photo challenge. Here’s my contribution: Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge, Order

I was in Salisbury a couple of days ago, at the cathedral. This is the ceiling of Edmund Audley’s chantry chapel from the early sixteenth century. It’s like the ceiling at King’s College Chapel at Cambridge University, but in miniature.

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