Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Survivors from my childhood. From left to right: Toffee, Lindy-Lou, Tessie and Proteus. All squashed into the chair I used to sit on, and which recent research suggests my father made from another Utility chair.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Libby Clegg Wins her Heat

You might wonder what is so free spirited about this picture. Libby Clegg is an athlete who is visually impaired, just as all the competitors are in this heat, the Women’s 100m T12. The guy on the right in orange is her guide, Mikail Huggins. Read more about how it works on her site.
The final is tonight. All four finalists run with guides. Don’t miss it. You’ll probably hear me cheering from my sofa.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

At our local City Garden Farm I saw this mistletoe ready to be harvested from a tree for the Christmas market.

The woman in charge explained that it was thought a magical plant in ancient times as it has no roots and seems to hang between earth and heaven.


The mistletoe is managed here, and on much lower branches than you see it growing wild. It brings some welcome income to the City Garden Farm.