Unfortunate Events

Halfway through a special screening of West is West last night, I felt my throat becoming very sore. I fished out an Olbas Oil pastille as quietly as I could and carried on watching.

The film is wonderful; every bit as warm hearted and thought provoking as East is East, and equally poignant and funny. I think it goes on general release next week, or maybe it’s next month. Anyway. Book your seats. You shan’t be disappointed.

Out in the foyer, I turned to my companion and found I’d lost my voice. Ooops.

It still hadn’t reappeared this morning so I rang in sick. which meant I was home when the ‘phone rang. Mother was found lying on the floor and has been admitted to her local hospital via A&E. She’s now been moved to the Emergency Assessment Unit, and I’m advised to call about four to see how she is. Continue reading