The Day Before

I hope this little video will give you a taste of Saturday in London. Amazing ow the weather changed so much in just a couple of hours. I so enjoyed my wandering, seeing the preparations, people and dogs having a good time. And of course it was an added bonus to hear the Robster rehearsing outside Buckingham Palace for tonight’s concert.


Sunday in Westminster

Out and about in Sunday’s sunshine with my camera. Walking around parts of Westminster and the Southbank. Enjoying looking at London and feeling very affectionate towards the place.
What a contrast with today’s weather; wild and windy, and the wind has a bitter edge to it.
These are all places I’ve seen many many time before, but they continue to give me pleasure.

I’ve got more pix, but no time to upload, so they can wait for another day.

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Yesterday in Westminster

Parliament Square yesterday morning was still being cleaned up. Churchill’s plinth had a dark grey stain; there was a mass of litter and what looked like rags. I started counting broken windows at the Treasury and Middlesex Guildhall, but then gave up. Tourists were taking photographs of the damage.

Outside the Palace of Westminster, the boxy barricades were still in place. They reminded me of cattle pens on market days of my childhood. More trouble is anticipated on Tuesday when the Lords will discuss the university fees, so they are leaving them in place.

Journalistic habits die hard. I spoke to a policeman standing by the entrance to New Place Yard. He’d been inside on Thursday, stationed in Central Lobby with some colleagues as a last line of defence in case anybody rushed in in the style of Otis Ferry at the time of the hunting bill. He said it had been very calm inside the building and some of the students had been there, making their case to their MPs. Continue reading