Wet Night at the Marina

Tucked up cosily on the boat. We are lucky; the weather which has been mainly dry on the journey, has changed to steady rain. It beats an energetic rhythm on the roof.

NotCat sleeps on the bed which is airing with the electric blanket. When he climbed out of the car, in his harness with the lead attached, he was curious and alert. Then some people appeared and he flattened himself on the grass until they had gone. I was glad to see him recover his nerve, and even gladder when he led me in a sure line towards the boat. He stopped and sniffed the path, looked about him, interested and relaxed.

The wind was up and although he walked onto the pontoon confidently enough, he soon had second thoughts. We retreated and roamed the area by the fence. Then back to the pontoon. This time I picked him up. I had visions of him panicking and both of us ending in the water.

Last time we were here I found a damp place under the window when I stripped the bed. It was just before we left and we were already late. I have had my fingers crossed it was condensation. I let out a sigh of relief when I found it dry today.

So I have eaten. The bed is freshly made. The food stowed in fridge and cupboard. My book waits for me. Tonight I shall start on Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. But first a glass of rum.

Easter Monday

The chances of posting today are so slim as to be non-existent. Maybe it’s the weather (windy with some rain, the warmer side of cold, but only just) but the Internet does not want to come out to play. It is probably curled up somewhere snug with a good book.
I’ve just had some cocoa and the last of my hot cross buns, put my book aside and am reflecting on the day. Outside the fenders are squeakily doing their job as the wind continually pushes the boat against the pontoon. Ducks fly over head and the starlings are squabbling in the tree behind me. Two swallows have just danced by, or could they be house martins? The sky is full of sulky pale grey cloud. The weeping willows, so calm and graceful on warm days, are moving like a green frothy tide in the buffeting wind. Continue reading

Therapeutic Photography

I was more than a little fed up this afternoon. A cuddle with Not Cat helped to restore me a bit, and a nice lunch helped some more. But I was definitely struggling. Fortunately, I read this post by thescroobiouspiphttp://thescroobiouspip.com/2011/12/14/a-walk-around-the-block/ and put aside my work to go out with my camera.
Photographically, the results weren’t all that. I was in the mood for macro, but the wind didn’t allow me to take the close ups of flowers. They kept bobbing about. Though I do like this one, even if it is out of focus.
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