Back in Essex

Another day in Wivenhoe. It has a draw for me. Today I wanted to walk to Arlesford Creek. There’s a circular walk. I did it. It was lovely.

Wivenhoe was also holding an art trail. It does this a couple or three times each year. I have always missed it. Because of the art trail the Norwegian baker was open and doing a good trade. She closed her shop over an hour earlier than advertised, presumably having sold out of her wares.

The church extension in Wivenhoe is complete and the stained glass window is superb.

It turns out Arlesford Creek was where they filmed the Essex Serpent. It’s on Apple TV which I don’t have.

Walking the path beside the River Colne I could smell the sea. Then the path led up through the woods above the fields before dropping again to the creek.

I met two cats called Ronnie and Reggie, and the dachshunds were at the window again.

It was a good day.

Here are some pictures.

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The Coronavirus Diaries, 22nd April 2022, An Away Day to Essex

I like Wivenhoe. I like Wivenhoe a lot. Today isn’t the first time I have swapped the grime and pollution of my beloved Walworth for the fresh air and calm of this Essex town. I never seem to visit it in bad weather. Someone did once tell me it’s the place that gets the most sun in the UK but I don’t know if that’s true.

It’s certainly friendly and there are a wonderful lot of dogs to greet and pat as you walk about. The Norwegian Baker isn’t open on a Friday but I found an excellent alternative with the Bolivian Baker. No photographs I’m afraid, everything has been consumed.

Today I went for a walk outside Wivenhoe, heading to Arlesford where B&J have some very lovely friends. No I didn’t visit them. For starters I don’t know their address. If I had I might have been tempted. I don’t think I saw the bit of Arlesford where they live. I did see a lot of houses, a lot of bungalows, one pub, a handful of shops. I was impressed by the railway station garden, and surprised by the safari, and Shaun the sheep, in the front garden of an ordinary house.

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The Coronavirus Diaries, 25th October 2020

Things have gone well, not so well, and badly.

We didn’t manage to winterise das Boot for reasons too tedious to go into here, but in some ways it was a silver lining as the weather which had been promising turned wet and very windy. We did drink some very good cava, and toasted my father’s memory while we ate pizza afloat, and nibbled on an array of very delicious pickles.

I returned to Wivenhoe to view two houses. One I was very excited about as it ticked most of my boxes. The second was really a make weight. Well, that was what I thought before I got there anyway.The promising house turned out to be less promising inside. The bedrooms were strangely small. The master bedroom, though it had an en suite (tick) had no room in it for anything other than the bed. The position was great, the downstairs rooms fine, the garden, garage and extra parking space all wonderful. The house had a nice feel, but I reluctantly concluded it was not for me. So off we went to the other house. It is at the limit of where I would like to be in Wivenhoe, a ten minute up hill walk from the station. Continue reading

The Coronavirus Diaries, 18th October 2020

I was working today. The person answering my increasingly irritated queries on Twitter for TalkTalk was working today. The engineers weren’t. They don’t do weekends. Unbelievable. The internet has become like water and electricity, a utility, but it seems the engineers do office hours. I’ll leave it there

So some more Wivenhoe pictures. I am not sure now that we are gain living restricted lives if I’ll be able to return soon. I somehow doubt if viewing properties will be on the menu.

The path to the river

I have never been inside the church before, but on Thursday it was open. There was a meeting going about some music, possibly something that was going to be transmitted.

Wivenhoe church exterior

Wivenhoe church, interior

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The Coronavirus Diaries, 14th September 2020

Time for some cat pictures I think. Just the one cat, MasterB, though I seem to be spending a great deal of time with Hartley and slightly less with Romeo. Hartley is a human seeking missile. B&J came over to the garden this evening and Hartley found them within seconds.

On the landing window sill

Carpet lounging

Teatime nap

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The Coronavirus Diaries, 4th September 2020

I had a lovely day in Wivenhoe yesterday. I was almost disappointed. In some ways it would have been easier to have gone and wondered why on earth I had ever thought I might move there. At first under grey skies I thought it wasn’t going to exercise its charms on me. I had a few goals, to visit streets further up the hill, to check out the Co-op, the bookshops and any other shop, to visit the library. All of which I achieved. In so doing I ruled out the up the hill options as feeling too suburban. I want to be in the thick of things, even if the thick of things Wivenhoe style is a very different affair to London’s thick of things. The Co-op didn’t exactly make my heart go faster, but it’s adequate. The Syrian shop sells tahini in plastic containers like the tahini I buy here, just at a much higher price. There’s a Norwegian bakery I didn’t manage to visit before it closed. Up the hill and down the hill people had left garden produce for passersby to take. I am a sucker for that sort of thing.

For a change the tide was in, so I ate my packed lunch looking at working vessels, then made my way along the river to where the pleasure craft are moored.


Fishing boats


Rowing boat

I had some time to kill before I was due to meet the estate agent. I went into the Wivenhoe Boutique. I explained I wasn’t a real customer, just someone scoping out the town with the idea of moving there. Natalie was more than willing to give me advice, but three more people turned up, and under the current rules Natalie is only allowed to have three customers in the shop at a time. I excused myself and said I’d come back later. She advised me to speak to Sarah in the Wivenhoe Bookshop, but the shop was closed for lunch. Continue reading