In It Together

Maybe it’s the optimism of spring, but the general election is looking a lot more interesting now than it did back in January.

Sunny Boy

Sunny Boy

The leaders of the three main parties still look and sound like Stepford Wives and could probably make a mint selling recordings of their speeches to cure insomnia. Well not David Cameron. At least not for me. He does bad things to my blood pressure.

Sal of Greece, aka Japonica Flowers here in wordpress Land, says that when the anti-austerity party was elected to government in her adopted country people started smiling aagin.

It’s a comment that has stayed with me. The speeches I have heard from the three main parties have each extolled their party’s virtues as being the best to govern, but they don’t exactly make your heart sing. UKIP is about the politics of fear, and could cause a surge in prescriptions for anti-depressants, and we keep being told that the NHS is pretty hard up right now.

Increasingly I find I am paying attention to groups of people who are not standing for parliament but who are working to achieve change in different parts of the country. People like Focus E15 who grew out of a protest when a local council tried to disperse single mothers from a Newham hostel to private rentals 100 miles away; people like the New Economic Foundation “Economics as though people and the planet matter”. At times it feels like the spirit of Greenham Common still lives. Continue reading

Of Spring Days, Happy Cats, and Supper in the Garden

Supper tonight at Octavia’s and some very bad pictures of the Grey Ninja who swarmed up her catwalk, slid behind the frothy blossom of next door’s tree and disappeared to her own private hunting grounds. She did make a sudden and rather speedy return, and when we stood up we saw a grey tabby following her. He changed his mind about coming closer in the face of our stares. As I said to the Grey Ninja, next time he asks you ‘you and whose army?‘ you can remind him of tonight.

Bad Photo of Grey Ninja and Pink Blossom

Bad Photo of Grey Ninja and Pink Blossom

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Of A Less Than Ideal Roommate, Unfounded Complaints, Sunny Days and an Outing for Aunt

Down in the guest room. The woman in the flat above has a television on loud enough for it to be intrusive. I am noting this as this morning she asked me to make sure I close the door to the guest room quietly as she hears it in her flat. Fair enough, and I know that I let it shut behind me with a bang when I arrived yesterday afternoon. After which I made sure to hold onto it and control the closure.

However, she went on to tell me that I had disturbed her several times between nine and nine thirty last night. I frowned at her. She misunderstood. “You'll know now,” she said with a forgiving smile.

“I wasn't in the guest room at that time,” I explained. “I was still with my aunt.” Aunt, who was looking equally bemused by the accusation, corroborated that I had been with her. I don't mind being blamed for noise I am making, but it is a different thing if I am going to get a reputation for inconsideration when I have been nothing of the sort, especially by a woman who listens to her television at full volume, and claimed today that she goes to bed about eight.


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Scratch and Sniff: MasterB in the Garden; Cookie in the Bathroom

Still no joy with i-Movie and YouTube. I may need an i-Movie upgrade, but it costs around £10 and I want to be sure that’s the problem.

But home from work today and the Cookie Monster invited herself into the flat. MasterB headed for the stairs. I shut Cookie in and took my boy outside.

When I went back in, Cookie had availed herself of the facilities in the bathroom and had a poo. It smelled vile. Time to open the windows and be generous with the lavender room spray. Continue reading

Of Spring Days, Aunt, Mortality, Flowers and Rhubarb

I wanted to upload a little video of MasterB to YouTube, but i-Movie and YouTube aren’t talking, so after a lot of time and effort resulting in total failure, I have given up.

I could feel quite cast down, but the weather is too nice for that. It is so very definitely spring. Yesterday I was on the river and there was even the promise of summer in the air. I was on one of the City Cruise boats and had the lower, inside deck almost to my self. I did go aloft for a moment or two. It was packed.

Shard and Thames

Shard and Thames

Aunt turned 92 today. I am going to spend a few days with her later in the week. This is likely to be her last birthday. She has decided against having a stent put in, so as her oesophagus narrows she will be unable to swallow. We have been in a flurry, making sure the specaist nurse knows of her decision and that the palliative care nurse are aware and ready to spring into action when she needs them so that she doesn’t get whisked away to hospital. Continue reading

Happy Easter Cookie Cat

We have had appropriate Easter weather.

For Good Friday it was grey and blustery. Saturday was not much better, but today, Easter Sunday, when the churches once more decorated with flowers and the altars clourful, the sun shone.

I had a welcome day working from home. I took my papers out into the garden while MasterB napped in his basket.

Cookie was pleased to see me. She followed me about as I watered plants in pots, and then chose a garden seat near me for a nap. When I needed to come inside for something, she came too. I didn’t let her through the door into the flat as relations between her and MasterB have deteriorated. Continue reading

Whose Country?

There’s a debate on the television tonight. I may or may not watch it. Probably not.

It’s billed as the leaders’ debate. Seven people who lead parties standing for election next month. I anticipate it will be an event where each of these leaders have several carefully crafted lines that they will at all cost say. I doubt very much whether we will be treated to a thoughtful discussion about how our country is, the choices we might make.

I watched George Osborne on Channel 4 News the other night. The experience was bad for my health. If you don’t know who George Osborne is, congratulate yourself on having escaped exposure to a man I described on Twitter as an oleaginous git.

I am hoping Natalie Bennet will at least be unscripted. She was ridiculed some weeks ago when she admitted not knowing the answers the questions she was asked. I found it quite refreshingly honest. Most politicians ride roughshod over their questioners just bleating out the lines their spin doctors have coached them to say.

I saw another interview with someone last night. I don’t recall his name, but he was part of the business community who say we should vote Tory because that would be best for the country. I really wanted him to define what and who he means by country. For I had a very strong feeling his country is composed of a small percentage of the population who have most of the wealth.

The mantra of there are more people in jobs and more jobs is a mantra full of holes.

Zero hours contracts are great for those people because they never have to live on them. Ed Miliband wants those on zero hour contracts for three months to have those contracts converted to permanent ones. This is either fudging the issue or showing a belief in human nature that is touching but probably misled. It would be all to easy to tell the employees their services weren’t needed after ten weeks.
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Action Cat

Octavia’s gone home; MasterB is outside; the washing up is done; I am thinking about my bed.

Yesterday, I took a series of out of focus photos of MasterB. Afterwards, I realised I should hve filmed him. He was moving quickly, and most of my pictures simply showed a ginger blur.

Best of the Blur

Best of the Blur

It was annoying, because had I filmed him, it would have been a nice sequence.
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These Things Shall Pass: Weekly Photo Challenge and Other Stuff

I have finally finished my notes for a job I am doing on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I shall reread them, try to turn them into a coherent narrative. Think of me. It needs to be done, but I can feel avoidance coming on which will only mean a late late night on Monday.

But I may also manage to nip round to the allotments where they are planning a clearing up day. Not that I have an allotment, but I am guilty by association. Octavia is coming to supper. So I need to do something about the less than pritine kitchen and other surfaces, and the muddle of papers that litter every corner of the sitting room. As I typed that I thought I should ask Celia and Charlie if they are about too.

Are you reading this Celia? The menu is lentils and coriander with brown rice. Wine will be drunk. Currently I don’t have a pudding, but it’s possible a cake may be baked. Apple, most likely.

Our own garden is beautiful. In spring the world fills with colour. Stunning, wonderful, transient colour.

I walked away from my work, went out into yesterday’s sunshine and took these:

Blue Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth

Celandines and Tulips celandines and Tulips[/caption]

Glorious Red

Glorious Red

Overblown Red Tulip

Overblown Red Tulip

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