After Gardeners’ Question Time

So to continue. We left the Teahouse Theatre with Celia carrying a large wedge of cake in a white box, and headed across Spring Gardens where the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens used to be to the main road which we crossed and put behind us as quickly as possible.

It turned out that although Celia has been to Vauxhall many times she had never been to Bonnington Square. Back in the day it was a squatted place with a reputation for drugs. But there was always more to it than that. I think Vauxhall is how Notting Hill would like to be; a mixed area with lots of community pockets and people who enjoy their lives.

Italo was open and Celia got tea while I had a beer and we took both to the little park with its adult sized swings. Perfect.

An RSCPCA inspector appeared to look at a fox asleep in the foliage. Residents though he was injured, but he showed a healthy speed when he realised his liberty was at stake.

Can you see the fox?

Can you see the fox?

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An Outing to Gardeners’ Question Time in the Sunshine

The route to our destination divided into parts. First I walked the couple of hundred yards down the road to Celia’s flat. I met her husband Charlie at the gate, off to watch some cricket. I’d already paused to photograph lilies and a poppy, and then found the garden at the flats a sea of white marguerites. Still in their pots, they are apparently destined for a promotion one of Celia and Charlie’s neighbours is involved with.

We set off on foot, seeing a couple of neighbours going about their Sundays. A pause at the local garden farm while Celia used the loo, and I left some flyers.

The farm has fabulous wisteria.

We wanted to get to the venue early as Celia had two spare tickets, and we also wanted to eat locally. we had loads of time, so we dropped by the local city farm.

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Saturday Night Salutation

It’s probably been fairly obvious from my absence that I have been pretty busy. No let up in the coming days, but it’s not all work making me a dull girl.

A fair amount of note making, research and swotting has been required, interspersed, though thankfully not last Thursday when the heavens opened and stayed open all day, with time out and about.

I generally have my little Olympus with me, and sometimes I even use it. MasterB has also been handsome and winsome in equal measure, and getting great work outs due to the appearnace of flies through my open windows.

I rather liked the water dripping from my scarf over the bath. I didn’t go out in the rain wearing it, I washed it.
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May Flowers

Time to forget about politics tonight and think about something more uplifting: flowers and blossoms.

The blossoms pass so quickly. Cherries are already forming on the tree that was a froth of white only a month ago. The blossom petals were shaken by the winds, carpeting the grass like confetti.

The grass, lazy and dormant in the winter sprang to life, revealing itself as a country meadow of buttercups and daisies.



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Cuts and Cats

My song for today is Billy Bragg’s Between the Wars. I love Bragg, the Big-Nosed Bard from Barking; love his patriotism that refuses the my-country-right-or-wrong stance; love some of his daft lyrics especially “No amount of poetry can mend this broken heart, but you can put the hoover ’round if you want to make a start”; love the way his mum still wishes he’d stayed in the army where he could have had a *proper* career.

Over the last couple of days I have heard with increasing despondency about Cameron’s cabinet; George Osborne, tipped as a successor; IDS in charge of making £12bn worth of cuts in the public sector; Michael Gove, Minister for Justice.

If you are not a citzen of the UK maybe you don’t know George Osborne, the son of a man who co-founded Osborne and Little, a man shown here being booed at the Paralympics, something of an achievement given the general lovefest that was London 2012.

Here he is being booed again, also at the Paralympics.

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MasterB’s Weekend

Being afloat is probably not MasterB’s favourite thing, but he copes pretty well and he knows he will receive lots of attention. Whether he remembers the first occasion he came to das Boot I rather doubt. It was 29th April 2011, the day of the Royal Wedding, and two days after MasterB had lost the means to father kittens. I wrote about here, but had the usual problem posting pix when at the marina.

I had better luck a day later as you can see here.

Since then he has been aboard many times; got over the shock of realising he is surrounded by water; growled at people passing on the path; yowled at members of the feral colony who have climbed aboard; taken a keen interest in the birds and insects flying by; accepted reluctantly that any shoreleave has to be in that thing of shame – the harness.

He has also been photographed often. Only when Cat died did I realise how few photos I had of him. that is not a mistake I am making with MasterB.

Here are a few from the weekend. All show him on das Boot. There are a couple I think are definitely calendar worthy. What do you reckon?

This Green and Pleasant Land

Shakespeare’s line

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May

might have been written for today. Perfect for drying the washing, but otherwise a bit blowy.

But it was William Blake’s

green and pleasant land

we enjoyed East over the weekend.

Despite a notable lack of rain over the last few weeks, the fields are lush, and every lane, every hedgerow is bursting with life and colour.


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