Spring Shadows


Happy Easter Cookie Cat

We have had appropriate Easter weather.

For Good Friday it was grey and blustery. Saturday was not much better, but today, Easter Sunday, when the churches once more decorated with flowers and the altars clourful, the sun shone.

I had a welcome day working from home. I took my papers out into the garden while MasterB napped in his basket.

Cookie was pleased to see me. She followed me about as I watered plants in pots, and then chose a garden seat near me for a nap. When I needed to come inside for something, she came too. I didn’t let her through the door into the flat as relations between her and MasterB have deteriorated. Continue reading

The Grey Ninja

I’ve mentioned her before. She is Octavia’s cat. A gorgeous Russian Blue who is horribly difficult to photograph in winter. Grey on grey.

But on Sunday when the sun put its hat on, and we were preparing to have lunch in Octavia’s small walled garden, I had my camera. The grey ninja isn’t used to cameras like mine and was curious as to what it was.

What is that?

What is that?

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Cool Fountain, Warm Beach

If the weather stays warm, I imagine quite a few people are going to enjoy playing in this fountain at the Southbank. The idea is to go into the middle while it is turned off and enjoy the sensation of being dry yet surrounded by walls of water. From the number of very wet children I saw on Sunday afternoon, some evidently think that tame sport.

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Sunny Spring Skies

It is 4th April and I still have the heating on. Something is very wrong. Today it tried to snow again, and at one point there were big swirling flakes of the white stuff outside my windows. Horror! Fortunately it stopped, the bits that had settled on the gutters melted away, and we were back to bits of snow like dandruff once more. The skies are battleship grey, and it is hard to remember that we have had sunny skies, and even warm days, this spring.
Here’s a handful of photos from this spring where it has felt like spring.

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