Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This may not be right for this challenge as the blurb talked about long exposures. However, for me, this picture has a dreamlike quality because the focus on the bricks makes the poppy ghostlike, intangible, the stuff of dreams where you reach but cannot grasp. Apologies if it is not what you hoped to see.

Dream Poppy



Weekly Photo Challenge, Create: The Baobab Tree

Those wonderful people at the South bank have been at it again. Artists from around the globe have contributed to this summer’s Festival of the World. And the main exhibit is this wonderful, creative, Baobab tree.

Baobab Tree South Bank

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Today: Weekly Photo Challenge

I took a lot of pictures today. This isn’t the best one technically, but somehow it sums up the mood in London. We are smiling and enjoying the Diamond Jubilee. The closest I remember to this feeling is when I have been in France for Le Quatorze Juiillet. It is about enjoying ourselves and celebrating being British. No pressure to send cards or buy presents. No victory parade for beating some other nation militarily for some dubious reason. Or for winning some international sporting competition. Obviously I am using my imagination with that last one. In the last few days I have thought we should celebrate the coronation every year. It’s good to say this is us. I’m not a big fan of royalty, but somehow that doesn’t matter. It’s about the Queen and yet it’s not.

The Mall, Looking Towards Admiralty Arch

Happy Diamond Jubilee!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Together


I find these lights really striking. They are on the Albert Embankment, in front of the MI6 building. Singly, I think they would look rather dull, but together, especially with a dramatic sky behind them, they are rather wonderful.