Where the…?

I keep Cat’s pills in the cupboard above the washing machine.
I take them out, extract the correct dosage, return them to the cupboard. I don’t move from the spot.
So where on earth have his blood pressure pills gone?

I called the vet today to ask if Cat can manage without until his appointment on Tuesday. The answer was no. So it was a quick dash there before surgery closed. these senior moments can prove expensive.

Mission accomplished and in the street I met the most gorgeous twelve week old German Shepherd called Chicha. She was very well behaved, very good manners for such a little soul. And she had those ridiculously big paws that German Shepherd puppies have.


7 thoughts on “Where the…?

  1. BTW there’s a play on the radio this afternoon (14:15pm) about alzheimers and music, which ties in nicely with the reading aloud work you are interested in.

  2. I mean the lead for the ‘phone’s camera which I never use. I’ve looked everywhere…

    Thanks for the link Pseu. I’m away this weekend in the East, finally seeing Mother, so if I can get an internet connection i’ll listen to it there.

    • No, no sign at all. It’s very strange. I keep trying to remember if the ‘phone rang while I had them in my hand; some reason why I might, in a distracted moment, have placed them somewhere peculiar.

      Can’t find the phone lead either, but someone at my class tonight thinks he has a spare.

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