Fox and Cat

I had a hint about what had kept MasterB the other side of the wall the other day.
He was happily playing in the garden when the fox appeared. He has been chasing foxes all summer, is normally keen to rush after them, but this time, he flattened his ears, scuttled towards the gate and cast anxious looks over his shoulder.
The fox looked on.

It looked comfortable in its nest on the wall. I stayed outside, and played with MasterB. He gradually relaxed. We went to the far end of the garden. He was still looking at the fox periodically, but his body language was happier. He started chasing insects, and leapt into the tree to pursue them.

My guess is there was a territorial encounter for access to the wall that the fox won. Or it is possible that MasterB went up close and personal to a sleeping fox and got snapped at. Anyway, he seems to have learned some caution. It doesn’t stop him wanting to go outside. He’s in the garden now. This morning he nearly made me late for work as I had to get him inside away from the live mouse he had caught and was playing with.

25 thoughts on “Fox and Cat

  1. That sounds like a very plausible reason. I’m sure Mackenzie was chased by a dog a few weeks ago and he was out for about 6 hours. For the next few days he wouldn’t go out, but he is back to his old ways now.

  2. So glad your foxes are relatively “tame” so MasterB can be safe in his yard and garden while “getting to know” them – carefully. Sadly the foxes around here are wild and would consider MasterB and Sam as lovely ginger snacks!


    • The foxes here tend to be scared of healthy cats with their sharp claws. Kittens, sickly and elderly cats are seen as fair game. The foxes really are not tame, just used to living in close proximity to people.

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