Please Welcome the Next Amaryllis

For those of you who are saying “enough already” about my amaryllis photos, I am guessing this s not good news. The second amaryllis that I planted on the same day as the first belatedly decided to join in with the spring thing. I had been peering at it unhappily day after day, when to my great excitement I noticed a tiny green tip.
Let's Get Started
It has grown.
It can even look over the lip of its own pot and has company.
I give you, coming soon, the next amaryllis! (cue wild applause)
The next amaryllis


14 thoughts on “Please Welcome the Next Amaryllis

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! {wild applause!}

    Everywhere I go in blogland, someone is hungry for spring, greenery, flowers, life! I thank you for bringing it to me! We’re rainy, windy, and cool (8C-ish)…. Clear sky, must have clear sky….!!

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