Action Cat

Octavia’s gone home; MasterB is outside; the washing up is done; I am thinking about my bed.

Yesterday, I took a series of out of focus photos of MasterB. Afterwards, I realised I should hve filmed him. He was moving quickly, and most of my pictures simply showed a ginger blur.

Best of the Blur

Best of the Blur

It was annoying, because had I filmed him, it would have been a nice sequence.

So you might think I would have charged the batteries to use with my Flip camera, or made sure my little Olympus which has a video option was to hand today. No to both.

Thus when the ginger Ninja was again sweet as could be but moving this morning I again ended up with a series of rubbish pictures.

Still blurred

Still blurred

Fortunately he did slow down and I got these. Not perfect, but good enough for the memories.

His Gorgeousness

His Gorgeousness

What's this I smell?

What’s this I smell?

Has Cookie been here?

Has Cookie been here?

Is she inside?

Is she inside?


12 thoughts on “Action Cat

  1. I so enjoy how much you love MasterB. I think you should also keep some of the blurred photos because they will remind you of how active he could be.

  2. I like best the one you took of his face: he’s absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
    As for the lurred ones, they show well his brisk curiosity and activity!

  3. His Gorgeousness shot… gorgeous! Those eyes, that face, the pink nose.. πŸ™‚ Would you believe I am on my 4th iPhone and would you believe I have never used the video function until yesterday. I wanted to use it to record the crazy spring voices of all the birds. A video of MasterB would be a treat.. πŸ˜‰

    • Sounds like love! Maybe a calendar shot. I like the three of him investigating the scratcher. I don’t even know where the video function is on my phone…

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