Beautiful Gorgeous Boys

Enough oF Messrs Osborne and Cameron.

Not for the first time, animals put the smile back on my face, and unknot the nerves in my neck.

This spaniel would not make a good guard dog. His joy and seeing us when we walked by was palpable. He had never met us before, but in seconds we were admitted to his friends, invited to stroke his muzzle, feel the velvet softness of his throat.

Brown Beauty

Brown Beauty

We did not learn his name, and it was hard to move on, but maybe we shall meet him again before long.

Gorgeous Ginger

Gorgeous Ginger


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Gorgeous Boys

  1. I met a lovely dog last night called Auden, a lurcher who is mainly deerhound. Quiet temperament, a real gentle giant, and a complete contrast to the Staffie I met in the afternoon whose tail was wagging so fast it looked like it might fly off. Within five seconds of meeting me he was ready to lick me to death.
    I think this might be a sleeping shot for the calendar.

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