The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th February 2021

I have successfully recruited Celia and Charlie to the millet gang. Woohoo! I made a vat of the red bean stew last night, had some myself with millet and leeks and today took portions of stew plus uncooked millet and instructions for how to prepare it to B&J and to C&C. I’ve not heard from B&J yet, but C&C had theirs for lunch and I received a very positive text from Celia afterwards. Not only that but when we met up later for a walk she gave me a bag for millet she wants me to buy for her on my next visit to Fare Shares, our local co-operative shop.

I am imagining a near future where millet becomes the in thing (and probably quadruples in price) featuring on menus in all the hippest restaurants and recipes. C&C and I will be saying things like, “Millet? Oh yes, we’ve been eating it for years. Have you tried it in a pilaff?” I’m going to be a tad deflated if B&J turn round and say, “Nah, not for us.”

MasterB made a Zoom event unsettling as he was unsettled. He yowled, he clambered, he raced. I tried to watch and listen while playing with him. I tried bribing him with biscuits. I tried telling him off. Nothing worked. Eventually I gave up and left. He continued to be unsettled. I began preparing my meal, MasterB became operatic. I tried taking him outside, he hissed and spat and came straight back indoors. But when, dinner eaten, I turned on the television, sat down on the sofa he came and curled up beside me. Right now he’s asleep across me. I wonder if he just wanted my attention, all my attention, all my companionship and no sharing.

I’d like to go to bed now, so he’s likely to be upset again. I hope he feels happier when he understands I’m not going anywhere.

Stay safe. Keep well. Try millet.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th February 2021

  1. Your day with MasterB echoes so many people in the pandemic with two year olds! I’m going shopping tomorrow and hope there will be millet. I’ve got winter squash and spinach – was thinking of soup with rice but perhaps pilaf with millet instead? I’ve got chili and shallot and now I might be drooling.

    • I’m going to copy out the recipe I have for the red bean stew and pilaff for Celia and Charlie, maybe you’d like a copy too?
      I wonder if something spooked MasterB when I was out for my walk, or whether I just didn’t spend enough time greeting him and playing with him when I first got home. It was nearly time for the Zoom and I wanted to get a couple of things done. My suspicion is that he felt ignored.

  2. At home we’ve been eating millet for years in stews with all sorts of beans, vegetables, in summer salads as garnment etc… We love it, as we love all sorts of cereals.
    Thank you Isobel for having introduced me many, many years ago to the “green” world!!!

    • Interesting. I read that millet was widely eaten until the 1960s here. My guess is it became unfashionable as food choices widened. Did I really introduce you to vegetarianism?

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