The Contender

I have been at work, then discussing how to make my money give me more than 1.5% without investing in things that may be exploitative and environmentally dubious, then out again. But I made pit stops and am with NotCat in the rather breezy garden writing this on the iPad while the sky puts on a wonderful display. I am using Blogsy for the first time, writing offline, and I don’t know how the picture insertion bit works. So I may have to add that later.

But I didn’t mean to write about the sky, or about ethical investments which are not high risk and which my adviser did not find. I have a stray ginger cat on my mind.


After a fairly full on weekend of Ginger, there’s been no sign of him today. I am hoping he is going to show up again, because the plan is to get him to the vet who will give him a check up and give him the snip. I managed to get some Frontline on him on Friday, so even though he has not had the advantage of thorough brushing, his flea problem, assuming he had one, is being addressed. Once neutered the rehoming process can begin.


I am rather hoping that the vet, who has a predilection for gingers, will fall in love with him and adopt him. She would very much like a practice cat again, and none of her present cats has the temperament for the job. The late and lovely Ging (sic, it was the name on his tag when she adopted him) was a practice cat par excellence. A gentle giant, he dwarfed Cat. He had a little bed in the waiting room where he would greet and be greeted by all and sundry. He did not discriminate against species. Cat intimidated him from inside his caddy, taking an unnecessarily aggressive approach that was entirely in character. The vet was possibly the one human Cat thoroughly disliked. He never really forgave her for the first time she took his temperature or administered, with the help of myself, a vet nurse and a bath towel, his worming tablets.

The vet would explain, using Ging as a live model, the various procedures she was going to carry out, or how to give ear drops, about which I was somewhat sceptical. Ging would purr throatily, lapping up the attention, not at all worried about things Cat would have taken as an assault on his person. Ging’s photograph presides over the consulting room to this day, and the vet styles her practice The Home of the Ginger Cat.

I admit I have a fondness for Ginger. I have even given him a new name. Well three names actually, one of which is after a famous traveller, but whether I could cope with two cats in a one bedroom flat is debatable. I could move, which might improve the space issue, but it seems a bit drastic. Some neighbours would probably get on their high horses too. There is a clause in our leases about pets not being a nuisance. One cat might be ok, two might not be tolerated.

Take Two

This morning when I woke up, NotCat was stretched almost the full width of the bed. As I don’t have lots of rooms where I could shut them off, I can imagine a scenario with two comfortable cats and one uncomfortable me. And let’s not start on the love life. The sofa would be as bad if not worse. Not for the love life, though actually that is probably true, but for sharing. Either I’d be imprisoned by two furry boys who wanted attention, or relegated to a subservient position on the floor while they slumbered. Don’t even bother talking to me about cat beds. I have two. They could be sold as hardly used.

How about the litter tray? If NotCat uses it at night, I can wait until morning to change it. But with two cats, would that mean two litter trays in the bathroom or second cat meowing at me for a fresh place to pee? On the boat two litter trays would be impractical. Would they share?

Too late now to go into all the issues, but the fact hat I am thinking about them gives me away. Yes, I am tempted, depending on whether NotCat would be happy with a new brother. Ginger reminds me of Cat in his profile and build, though he has a thinner coat and a skinnier tail.

Knee Deep

Really he is like a cross between Cat and NotCat. He has got under my skin. He is a sweet boy who needs a home where he will be well cared for, loved and happy.

And this is all new territory for me. Cat had zero tolerance for other cats. The question of adopting another cat while he was alive did not arise. But NotCat has a more open approach to his fellow felines, as does Ginger.

I don’t know. Maybe I can try fostering him and see if it works out. Maybe the vet will fall in love with him. Maybe I’ll never see him again. But it is late now. I need to get NotCat inside and make tracks for bed.

Sweet dreams.


Sweet Boy


23 thoughts on “The Contender

  1. Yes, it is definitely possible. We had two cats in a flat not much bigger than yours. The bed and sofa sharing is a bit of a pain when you would like some space and not to wake with a cricked neck.

    Decisions, decisions (and remember you didn’t want NotCat at first……) πŸ˜›

  2. Are you sure he’s a stray? Just he looks in pretty good nick from the photos, and strays generally have a stray look about them! I still laugh at that thing I heard once: Britain has 11 million cats and 22 million homes who think they own a cat.
    It does say a lot about cats.
    One of ours in London moved into an old people’s home up the road while we were away on holiday (our neighbours fed our cats while we were away and vice versa). She was most indignant when I finally tracked her down and brought her home – she was getting 24/7 attention from a sweet little old lady who was rather tearful but otherwise resolute about her departure!

    Not meaning to put a fly in your ointment, but if he has been used to wandering at will, I think you might find it very difficult to keep him inside as I understand you do with NotCat. All of my 4 are in and out at will all day but 3 are firmly locket out at night (lots of beds in the shed!). My little blind Pixie stays in at night. But if I ever need to keep them shut in the house (eg when we have sprayed nasty stuff on the drive) it is next to impossible – just because they have no choice. If the cat flap was open they’d probably have been sound asleep in the kitchen, but the minute it’s shut they are scheming to get out!

    If they get on, I’d imagine they’d share everything quite happily.

    • I can’t be 100% certain, but I am 99.9%. I have put notes with a picture of him through all the doors in the neighbourhood, spoken to people who have seen him about but know of anyone owning him. He is looking better now than he did and I have managed to groom him a little and get his eyes clean. But his ears are in a dreadful state, very mucky.
      Our feral cat, Sonny is sleek, plump and glossy. You would never guess to look at him that he didn’t have a home.
      I do keep NotCat in at night. In a city it is much safer. Also he was an indoor cat before I got him and is only gradually acquiring common sense skills about the outside. I keep him in if I am out all day too. Cat would spend the day out while I was at work. He came to me via the garden in the first place, so I could envisage NotCat being gated while Ginger went out during the day. But I wonder if I adopted him, as this is already part of his beat, if he might not go off for days at a a time, resuming his old ways.
      The short answer to your question is, I really don’t know!

  3. Oh he is so cute and he looks like an awesome boy…his eyes are soft and he would love to live with you and NotCat sounds like he would accept him….sending kitty hugs:) Thanks for sharing:)

    • He might be happier being the centre of attention in a one cat household I suspect. Nice if one of the neighbours would adopt him, then the boys could continue being friends.

  4. Isobel I am sympathizing with you and all your questions. I guess we will be taking Big Gray Boy to the vet. His family could care less. CH called and told them he was at our house again. They didn’t even ask how he was and no trip to the vet is planned. Their van broke down… !!! They didn’t bother to come get him. He is skin and bones. They have another pregnant female over there. I don’t want a cat right now. We have to go into the BIG BIG City today so Gray Boy will have to wait till tomorrow. Ginger has some pretty impressive manly kitty jowls! I am thinking of you and hoping the vet takes him in as the practice cat. That would work nicely!

    • Do they keep them to catch the mice? Is there an animal charity in your area who might visit them to check on the cats’ welfare? It sounds a nightmare. Good luck.

  5. Oh Isobel….what can I say except they make an incredibly handsome pair – like a matched (almost) set of bookends and they seem to get along. It’s tough I know – so many things to consider – the old phrase “play it by ear” comes to mind – I’m kind of thinking that your vet just might want him if he’s docile enough…..keep us posted – I do think that he’s “trying” to be part of your family in some way (through NotCat).


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