Walking Westie Boy

The day has begun. Westie Boy, paws wet from his morning inspection of the garden, came to say hello to me and did a lap of my bed then ran across it. I wiped the footprint from the iPad and encouraged him back to the kitchen.
Wet from morning dew, by the way. The sun is lighting up the room again. Now I am outside two very good cups of coffee and a soft boiled egg, I shall take the boy for a walk.
Just in case you have forgotten what he looks like, here he is again:


And again:

Taking him for a walk has become more complicated as Cousin has gone for the wire option which means when Westie Boy approaches the garden gate he hears a high pitched noise and risks a small electric shock if he ventures further. You can see the transmitter on his collar. I must admit I am not keen on the idea at all. Anyway, to get Westie Boy beyond the gate now requires a car as he has learned this is not a place to go on paw though he wears a different collar for his walks.

Fortunately, he doesn’t mind doing the journey back through the gate. I had visions of having to carry him yesterday, but he trotted back quite happily. Today we’re going to venture further afield. He is having a travel sickness tablet so we can drive to the lough and do a circular walk. Photos later.

20 thoughts on “Walking Westie Boy

  1. It’s nice to see the handsome little chap again – I DO remember him from your visit there last year….he’s adorable!

    Pam (and Sam)
    p.s. love your latest blog header….NC looks like a tiger in that tree…..

    • I wanted an Olympic header, but my grey skies behind Tower Bridge seemed inappropriate. So it’ll have to wait a while. Nice while NotCat and i are apart to have his picture here. WB looking even more handsome now as has allowed me to groom him. 🙂

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