A New Picture or Two

I went to see the Abandoned Boy today. He is lovely.

The Shoe is Mine

Inquisitive, interactive, playful, purry, gentle.
Unfortunately he is almost the same colour as the floor so he doesn’t show to advantage. But I feel quite proud of getting any pictures at all, he was on the move, rubbing, sniffing, checking out my bag, which MasterB checked out in turn when I got home.
It took him less than two minutes to decide I was alright. Apparently the first two days he hid, but now he wants to know what is going on and comes across as a confident boy.
A bit too confident when it comes to cameras.

What’s This Then?

He makes a nice silhouette.


He reminded me of MasterB so much; playing without using his claws, nibbling not biting, bouncing, pouncing, climbing into my bag, even growling when there was a noise downstairs.
Whoever takes him is going to have a really super cat. and I want them to come back here and say how he is. I know he was abandoned, but it shows that he has been loved and cared for. He’s a people cat, a companion animal who was very very happy to have two people paying attention to him.

25 thoughts on “A New Picture or Two

    • Got the phishing warning agin when i tried to click back to you. I must make a note of how to reach your site.
      We talked a fair bit about it today. maybe they couldn’t look after him and were afraid that the vet would say she wouldn’t take him. Plenty of rescue centres are full and have waiting lists. I don’t condone what they did, but it seems to me they thought of a plan that would ensure their cat was looked after. Some people just take them far away and leave them.

  1. He’s got such a dear little face…..I hope someone takes him home with them soon. Perhaps someone visiting the vet will see him and fall in love with him….wouldn’t that be nice?! I love that last photo…….so sweet.


    • He is at the cattery in an upstairs room, so no one will se him by chance. I don’t know if there is a photo of him at the vet’s. There may well be.
      I wish I were in a position to take him.

  2. Isobel he looks to have that short compact stocky body that I love in a cat. He has a beautiful face. Pink nose! He is hard to resist and he gets a the nod from someone I trust. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that we are so far away. Plenty of kitties here locally that need homes although our shelter for two days has posted online “there are no cats to adopt at this time”. Very good 🙂 I hope he finds a home very soon. It goes without saying that I wish it were yours and MasterB’s home.

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