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MasterB’s visits to Wanda’s garden are not going down well with Rosie. She believes that Wanda, and everything associated with her, is hers. So she keeps appaering on top of the wall to glare after a MasterB who is already on his next escapade.

I Could Come and Get You

I Could Come and Get You

MasterB likes wallsitting himself. It was mild today, but he looks very tucked into himself here.
Over My Shoulder

Over My Shoulder

The new ginger is a log haired cat like Rosie. He did a bit of territorial spraying at the foot of the walls, so we may be having battles later.
An Hairy Cat

An Hairy Cat

The blackbird looked on unperturbed.



12 thoughts on “Back to Cats

  1. ! Master B’s looking good, Isobel. Eating normally again after his blip, hopefully. Interesting to see just how relaxed that blackbird is… 🙂

    • We have two Rosies. One is a dog the other is a cat. There is also a child called Rosa..
      Wanda (not her real name) is a cataholic. She is responsible for naming Freddy, accompanies me to the cattery Christmas Fairs, and has never quite forgiven me for saying that I didn’t yet love MasterB when he had been living with me all of two days.

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