I was sidetracked by Matt. I meant to post more photos of the garden.
It has been dull and damp for three days now. when it isn’t actually raining, there is still the suggestion of rain in the air. The garden loves it.



Verdant isn’t in it.
The colours are Victorian lush; a hint of decay even as everything grows.
Purple Flags

Purple Flags

Bearded Iris in the Rain

Bearded Iris in the Rain

It’s nie when the sun shines, but I do love the atmosphere these colours create. It suits my mood.

18 thoughts on “Verdant

  1. I haven’t been taking my camera on my walks with Miles and each time I regret it. However, I keep thinking it’s going to rain and I’ll regret taking it. Nice photos.

      • I did get a new one. I love the zoom capability on it and it helped getting photos of birds and monkeys. I am disappointed in the Macro though but I guess I can’t have it all. It’s a Nikon Coolpix P7700

        • They are generally held to be good cameras aren’t they. It is a lot to ask of a little point and squirt to do decent zoom, wide angle and macro!

      • I’m not a good gardener at all. I love plants but hate gardening πŸ˜€ Soil and slugs prevent me from having success I think.

        I have been hacking down shrubs in the garden this evening and discovered an obelisk which has been completely covered (and invisible) for about 8 years!

        • How long have you loved in the house? More or less than eight years?
          I don’t think you’d have much gardening success without soil. Our blackbirds are very keen on slug dinners.

        • I’ve lived here for nearly 12 years. There is soil. Lots of it. But maybe the wrong type (it’s a bit alkaline) – although the people next door don’t have a problem.

          Last night I found a hedgehog in the garden. He got the remains of the Kitten’s food.

        • Hydrangea supposedly work on most types of soil – different colours depending on the type. I may check whether it will work in the border I’ve just cleared. I’ve not been lucky with hydrangea either but I have brought my first Clematis Montana through the winter after failing abysmally 5 times previously!

  2. Gosh that bearded iris is beautiful!! Hope you are well, Isobel. Go easy on yourself. Do what you enjoy.. and try not to do what you don’t.

  3. The bearded iris is beautiful. We are sharing your weather. It has been dark, dreary and rainy here. It is dragging me down. I promised after last years drought I would never complain about rain again but…..

    • All change again today, it is warm and sunny just in time for the weekend. I want rain as it keeps everything fresh, but not endless cloudy days. This week it has been perfect the weekends sunny, time at work dull!

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