Westie Boy and His Kittens Update

Back in February, I wrote about Westie Boy and his Kittens.
He was rather rough with them, particularly the ginger and white male who had learned to fear him and cringed, inciting Westie Boy’s inner bully.
Well, things change. The kittens have grown. Westie Boy can still be a bit thuggish with them, but by and large they hold their own, and the three are happy companions. They share an interest in the new chick, are largely ignored by the Big Cat, chase each other around the garden, vie for attention from passing humans, and play wrestle on your feet.

The kittens are happy and sociable. They would love full access inside the house – so far denied – and Westie Boy enjoys exercising his privileges over them.
It’s all working out pretty well.


14 thoughts on “Westie Boy and His Kittens Update

    • They get on very well now. This morning Marple ambushed Fido and chased him, Westie Boy saw them and joined in, so all three were racing about. I think he enjoys the company, but he won’t let them play football, and he does get jealous if you fuss them.

    • Fido just snuck into the house and made straight for the bathroom where the Big Cat sleeps in royal comfort. Not sure what that was about.
      Can’t you like individual pix? Maybe something new from WP?

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