Off to das Boot tomorrow and visiting a toy museum along the way.
I’ll not be there to admire the displays, but to discuss giving soem of my childhood toys to the collection. I have two snakes and ladders boards, a Ludo board, my Lindy Lou doll, and Toffee, the Merryweather Cheeky Monkey Bear I have had since I was a day old.
Here he is.



His nose is rather skiwhiff as I used to suck it.
He wouldn’t pass today’s safety requirements. Those beady eyes are on long sharp wires. I’m lucky I survived infancy with my sight intact.
Sharp Eyed

Sharp Eyed

Toffee may well come home again. Not ebcause the museum doesn’t want him. I am just not sure I am old enough to let him go yet.


16 thoughts on “Goodbyes

    • Thanks Speccy. Yes, earlier in the year when I first started thinking about finding a museum that would take my toys mother was still alive and i could have given Toffee away knowing his future was safe. I should hate him to end up ina skip. But now, parting with him seems hard and harsh. So he’ll be with me a while longer until I am ready. However, he’ll be on a chair. I am not going to risk my eyes!

  1. When I moved … half way around the world … I only brought a box that could weigh twenty kilos (!). Obviously I was rather restricted as to what put in it. One thing that did go in, was my, now fifty eight years old, brown teddy bear.

    I’ll never be ready to let go..

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