Adventures With the Olympus TG 3

Continuing my adventures with my new camera, with which I am so far very pleased, I have a few pictures to post.

The camera feels nice and chunky in my hand. If I remember to switch it back from macro, it focuses well and very quickly. I am slowly (and this will take a very long time I suspect) learning how it behaves in different light conditions. It has passed the white flower test, the one where some cameras just merge all the detail, and I love its snazzy red strap. Yes, I am that shallow.

I am not so keen on the way it charges. I would prefer to remove the battery and not leave the camera open and vulnerable with a lead connected, but I suppose that is a minor point. It woud be less minor if I had a spare battery.

I have accidentally photographed my nostrils, and the physiotherapist at the Hand Clinic (a whole new set of exercises, sponges and stretchy band thing) admired my new toy today.

Although the zoom is paltry compared to many little cameras, it is powerful enough for what I want. After all, I have my big Lumix with its array of lenses if I want to be serious about things.

Above all, I enjoy using it. So it is coming out and about with me, taking pictures of MasterB and things that catch my eye.

Over the past two days these have included:









Having reflected on successful blogging, I am now reflecting on my photography habit. I have missed having a point and squirt so much. I have always felt that one of the best things about being a journalist is that it is a licence to be nosey, and I think I just like being nosey with a camera.

I said I was shallow.


30 thoughts on “Adventures With the Olympus TG 3

  1. I am so happy you have a new camera – I have missed your photos of interesting places in your neighborhood. I love the doors – the British do know how to do doors. And if you are shallow – you do it with a whole lot of class! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The doors’ colours compliment the yellow flowers and lush greenery so well just now, they seemed almost to have been painted to symbolise summer. I wonder if they were.

  2. So the physiotherapist at the Hand Clinic admired the accidental photograph of your nostrils? A level of intimacy I never achieved with mine. Looks like MasterB is developing a bit of “mature gentlemen kitty” relaxed belly. We are enjoying upside down Mr. July.

    • Oops, sounds like I need to adjust that sentence. She was photographing the way to wrap the band round my hand so it doesn’t hurt.
      The relaxed belly is a constant worry. All his food is weighed, I don’t think he visits anywhere for extra meals, but he is gaining weight.
      Glad you are still enjoying the calendar. On my IFAW one I have a very sweet black Labrador puppy for July after June’s tiger.

    • I can’t tell you much about it apart from the location. It is off Borough High Street, one of the many yards that use to house galleried inns, just down from Talbot Yard. I would guess C17, but maybe earlier.

    • Yes, the macro capability was the decider once I had settled that I should like to have the Wifi option. There is another Olympus Tough without Wifi, the 850 I think, which has an equally impressive macro. You said you were looking at cameras the other week. Are you tempted? You can use these under water, though I admit that is not my intention, but it could be nice to have a camera it is safe to go paddling with.

  3. Always fun to experiment with a new camera, and it makes me wish I had developed an earlier interest in photography and photojournalism; the writing grind of journalism wore on me pretty quickly.

    • But then again it would be work. I have just about given up journalism; the rewards are so small for the work, and chasing commissions is draining.

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