One Enchanted Evening

The Camembert I bought was so ripe I am surprised it didn't board das Boot on its own. A lucky and completely chance find at the local Co-op. It made a very good dessert. So good I ate rather more of it than I intended, and am only now catching up with the red wine.

I only had one excursion away from das Boot and the marina today. I needed eggs and bread, so set off for the organic farm where the plants made me salivate. Celia hoped to come here on Sunday, but has been struck down by a vicious lurgy, so may have to postpone her visit. I took these pictures to tempt her, now they may serve for her to tell me what she wants me to bring back for her.



This is temptation. I know Celia has a weakness for bags. Her collection makes mine seem amateur.


I am certainly going to bring back at least four tomato plants, one of each sort to plant in my pots and grow bag. The herbs made my eyes round with avarice. I may have to get some more cash from the bank.

MasterB, who was unwarrantedly noisy last night, demanding food, attention, more food throughout the hours when I wanted to sleep has slept all day. When I got up he grabbed y place under the quilt and has only made brief appearances for food, periods of keen ornithology, and to use the litter tray. As I typed that, he strolled into the fore cabin with the look of a cat who is well rested and now ready for an evening of exercise and activity. My post may well be curtailed. It's chilly out and I don't much fancy giving him shore leave, so I suspect I shall be waving toys for quite a while in the hope that will be sufficient to get him to sleep the night through. At the moment, the birdsong has him quite transfixed and he is staring out of the window with a hopeful and predatory air.


Here he is yesterday evening. Coming to das Boot is a bit like a school trip I feel; it helps to broaden his horizons and gives him things to talk about with less well travelled cats.


I was telling Celia the marina is in the back if beyond. I am not sure she entirely believed me. So I took a picture of the road that leads here.

The closest neighbours are animals.

I have loved my birthday. Loved the peace and quiet. Loved completing some necessary tasks and getting that feeling of accomplishment. loved being alone with MasterB. More people have come to the marina, but most have loaded their boats and rushed out, eager to be ahead of the bank holiday boaters. There is a certain irony that I am more likely to have peace and quiet here at the marina than they are racing to get the precious public moorings.

I shall see Aunt tomorrow, drink a toast to Mother tonight. My thanks to all of you who sent greetings and best wishes by text, email, post and comment. You have enriched my day.

May this photograph of the evening sky enrich yours.




25 thoughts on “One Enchanted Evening

  1. Att is pacing the flat ready for the night. He slept most of the day, but he only needs an hour or so of play. He’s a wee bit older than Master B. I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday.

    • MasterB has actually been very good since. I have made sure to play with him. He found the feather toy and brought it to bed last night which was a bit of a hint. But I am sure he will be pleased to get home tomorrow.

  2. Wonderful photos Isobel……sounds like you and MasterB are enjoying a wonderful and peaceful time at Das Boot – a time to reflect, remember, and just enjoy being together……..

    Pam and Sam

    • I am probably enjoying it more than MasterB. But it is nice to spend time with him, and to just hear the birdsong, the odd boat chugging by, and the occasional gaggle of walkers on the nearby path.

  3. Felicitation so to you…Glad to hear you had a restful birthday afloat with the lovely ginger boy! Does he have a kitty life Jacket? Enjoy your weekend.

    • Thanks Anne. When I am home I shall see if I can post you a link to an earlier post, The Cat’s Lifejacket. It wasn’t a success with Cat, but my friends’ Jack Russell uses it.

    • I think he felt less lucky when I ran the engine earlier (necessary to charge the battery and for hot water). He took himself off and his under the pillows.

        • He has to be adaptable, poor boy. I have been with him most of today and he has evidently enjoyed that. I have seldom seen him so relaxed on das Boot.

        • Poor little soul, he has had to be adaptable. I have been with him most of the day and he has liked that. I have seldom seen him so relaxed aboard das Boot. There’ll be loads of pix to post when I am home.

          On Sunday, May 3, 2015, IsobelandCat's Blog wrote:


      • It enhanced my appreciation of a good pol who knows how to work a crowd while playing the role of spoiler on the national level. I had no idea the nation was on the verge of a Scottish apocalypse – now I’m completely riveted to see the outcome. Vote early and often!

        • The constituency in which I live is apparently one of the ones to watch as Simon Hughes (LibDem) who has been the MP here for over thirty years is being challenged by Neil Coyle (Lab) who is said to be doing a good job of winning hearts and minds.

  4. A wonderful show the evening sky put on for your birthday, Isobel. We toasted you last night with a rather nice red wine.

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