And the Winner Is…

7th May 2015; Election Day. I am work until the evening, so I am scheduling this post in case I succumb to addictive election television coverage. Apparently the constituency where I live is one of the ones to watch.

So as a bit of an antidote, here is a fairly random collection of photographs from the marina last weekend. If you are feeling tense and anxious about the election outcome, maybe these will soothe you, and remind you that there are spaces somewhere, always, where life is bigger and more beautiful than politics.







13 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. A much needed reminder of the joyful things in life… I too will be up late tonight, aiming to make it until 3 am at least when my constituency is expected to be announced. We have the smallest majority in the country: just 42 votes! A cliffhanger.

    • No not my boat. But it does belong to a couple with whom I am friendly.
      Started watching The Vote. Not sure I’ll be up long after eleven.

  2. I was happy to see that someone else commented on the lead photo being a giant knot. The reaction to the elections here, in the limited media to provide in-depth coverage, was one of surprise bordering on shock. I am not looking forward to the next year-plus buildup to our turn.

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