Bake Off: Missing the Final

What with the new kitchen and also work being done on das Boot, my outgoings are rather higher than usual. Sales of the Ginger Ninja calendar will not, alas, bring me great wealth, so I am accepting every job offered to me, yea even unto one that is going to extend my working day this Wednesday to around 9pm.

I was just wondering about sore feet, and snatched meals. But it suddenly dawned on me that I am going to miss the GBBO final.

Oh no.

Being new to this Bake Off business, I mistakenly thought they kept going down to the last two bakers. I only realised last week after the semi-final, which title should have been something of a clue, that there was only one more round to go.

I guess it’s the equivalent of gold, silver and bronze medals. All three bakers going into the final know they have a place on the podium. My hopes are still on Nadiya winning, and I was delighted when on An Extra Slice (yes, I really am that addicted) with Jo Brand, Danny Baker said that he too had picked her out in round one as the baker he wants to win.

I love watching twitter when Bake Off is on, and sometimes joining in, so I shall have to forgo that pleasure on Wednesday evening.

But I suspect that when I get home, as soon as MasterB is settled, I shall be going to BBC iPlayer to catch up. And don’t think for a moment I shall be going out on Friday evening. I shall be enjoying the last An Extra Slice and the telephone will be switched to silent.



9 thoughts on “Bake Off: Missing the Final

  1. Oh Isobel! We’ll also be glued to the TV on Wednesday! I’ll be thinking of you when we applaud Nadya’s winning. Not only has she brave tastes in her creations, she’s also so wonderfully emotional and doesn’t hide a thing. I am confident, she’s going to win. She definitely will. (And even if not, she’s the winner of hearts, which is just as important). Have a lovely catching up once you’re at home and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the outcome. 🙂

  2. I must say that although I don’t manage to watch it regularly I do really enjoy it. This year it had me baking again, but I’ve put a stop to that before it takes hold of me – I just can’t resist home made cake and my age is making the weight a problem!

    • I love it, but it hasn’t changed my baking habits. They rarely bake anything that appeals too me; it’s all too fussy and sugary, though I did like some of the biscuits. I was surprised how excluded I felt the week they did meat pies and everything had gelatine.

  3. We have come to bake off late. I have been persuaded to run a twitter chat at 9pm on Weds & I do tweet out once GBBO has finished for folks to join me!

  4. And this year (2016), *don’t* spoil it for us USA fans! We’re a year behind you but our memories are l-o-n-g. I was torn between the beautiful and perfect Nadiya and yummy Tamal’s incredible deserted Chinese village — and I do wish I hadn’t known in advance that it would be Nadiya. Still — **love**!!

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