An Unexpected Proposal

I received an email the other day to tell me that the module I had signed up for in the extra mural department of the university had been cancelled. I was put out. I had been looking forward to starting it, continuing the course I began last year. My first choice of module had already been ruled out as it clashed with work commitments. Another would have meant a very long day at the start of the week which didn’t seem wise.
The email included some suggestions, but both seemed to be for January. Surely I was missing something. I called. The administrator was more than pleasant. She was sympathetic. She had no solutions.
The fees have gone up considerably this year. One suggestion was that I wait and try again in twelve months. Will the fees be frozen? No. Could the module be cancelled again? Yes.
The university’s claim to provide a flexible route through study that would fit in with the working week began to sound rather hollow.
Could I complain. Really, I think she was wondering if I would ever ask. She advised me to write to herand include all the issues we had discussed and she would pass it onto her team leader. I did so, asking what advice they had for how I could continue my studies.
I got my answer today. Not one I had expected. How about transferring to the BA course? My grades last year would qualify me for transfer and count towards some of the units of study. If interested I could attend an interview on Monday, complete an online application and submit one thousand words creative writing sample.
My mind was in a whirl. No time to think. So I said I would go to the interview.
As for the online application form, I haven’t managed to download it, though fortunately the thousand words I already have.
Now if I can just download the guidance for students and read it sometime between now and Monday, which means Sunday as I am working all day tomorrow and on Saturday, I may have a better idea of what I may be letting myself in for.
Right now though, I am going to join neighbours, new and old, for a much needed drink in the local pub.


14 thoughts on “An Unexpected Proposal

    • It is a nice ego boost, but whether I want to or can do it us another question. I shall have to want todo it a lot as the time commitment is massive and then there are the fees.
      Still, I might not be accepted, might have serious doubts by Monday, might goodness know what, but it has suddenly spun writing right up there as something I either do or do not want to take seriously…

  1. I think it is very exciting and you should go for it. You really have nothing to lose if the course fits into your schedule. I assume you will keep us posted. 🙂

    • You have put your finger on it. I do not know that I can give the course the time it demands, and I think it would be fantastically frustrating (and expensive) to be trying to snatch time from other parts of my life. Also it is a four year course!!!!

    • That’s funny, because that is how it seemed to me. Before I received the email, I was thinking about how I could make more time to write and wondering if not having a class would encourage me to just write on my own.

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