Wise Words From Jack Lemmon

I tore this out from the back of Saturday’s paper.

Wise Words

Wise Words

It makes sense and is comforting as well as true. Relationships with those we have loved and who have died continues all our lives. I suppose the same is true for those we dislike too. I think it’s how I see the afterlife.

13 thoughts on “Wise Words From Jack Lemmon

  1. It’s nine years today since my mum died and my bro and I have been putting flowers and planting spring bulbs at her grave. I believe we’ll be together again so this piece is spot on… but I certainly don’t expect to see the people I don’t like in the afterlife. It’s going to be heaven, after all, not hell! πŸ˜€

      • We did at lunchtime, after making her grave look very pretty with flowers – and later. Mumsie hardly drank at all – instant squiffiness after one glass of wine – but she preferred red.

        Alcohol didn’t feature in our house at all when I was young and in my teens..beyond a horrid glass of British Sherry at Christmas! πŸ™‚ Does *anyone* still drink that, I wonder?

        • Alcohol didn’t feature much in our lives either, though cider on Sundays drunk from my garndmother’s gorgeous cut glass goblets was a pretty regular occurrence.
          My sister used nearly all the precious brandy, which my parents had probably had since they got married, making brandy snaps before my parents realsied and led her towards brandy essence instead.

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