For the Calendar?

Or This One?

One For The Calendar?

The calendar is at the back of my mind. I’ve not done a lot of thinking about quantities still. The two people whos seem most interested here are Pix and Pat, and that would be a separate order as postage to the US is ridiculously high.
I’m thinking far more about a range of photos. I was working from home this afternoon, knee deep in paper as the sitting room still testifies. For a brief half hour, the sun came out on what has been a spectacularly colourless day.
I dropped my pen, grabbed my camera and headed into the garden. I wanted MasterB to come with me. This is the same cat who woke me up at five trying to dig a hole through my back and wailed piteously when I wouldn’t let him go out. He did get out between seven and eight, and he seems to have decided that is enough frsh air for today. So no photos of him romping in the sunshine, just these:
One For The Calendar?

Or This One?

Or Maybe This One?

Or Maybe This One?

Or Perhaps This?

Or Perhaps This?

Anyway, he’s missing his chance, as I am having an early supper before going to the theatre. I guess I am due another night’s interrupted sleep.

35 thoughts on “For the Calendar?

  1. I am partial to the top one. He looks like he is contemplating something of great importance. But all are great – he is such a perfect model.

  2. So adorable. All of them are delightful. MasterB and Timmy are somehow related. Those are typical Timmy poses – you must have been reading a future post at this end 🙂

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