Theatre Outing

In case any of you were wondering what I went to see last night when I left MasterB in charge of the sofa (and I noticed none of you asked!), it was One Man, Two Guvnors which is playing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
Incidently, MasterB gained full control of the sofa by lying across me when I was sitting on it; lots of purring lots of cuddling; then the penny dropped – he wanted the space to himself. I am so used to sitting on the floor while he stretches out over both cushions that I am doing it now, despite the fact that he is out.
Anyway, back to the show. It was great, fab, wonderful. Terrific physical comedy that made a light script superbly entertaining and I am still smiling. It has something of the feel of Ealing comedy about it. Almost from the word Go, you feel great affection for the cast and the production. There’s something very warm about it. It’s happy, it’s silly, it’s fun.
Now, I am lucky enough to get a certain amount of free theatre tickets due to my work, and this was one of those occasions, so you might think I would say it was good anyway. But I have to give feedback to the theatre about the play and this time it’s a rave review. It’s intelligent, knowing, satirical, witty. Surely I must be running out of adjectives soon.
The cast work extraordinarily hard, but you feel they are enjoying every minute. The production has the feelgood factor with knobs on.
Just one word of warning before I urge you to buy your tickets; Ibsen it ain’t. Now check where it is playing near you, and get along to see it.


4 thoughts on “Theatre Outing

  1. I saw this with the original cast – when they beamed it to cinemas – and it is fantastic. I hurt my back as some parts were so cringeworthy that I was trying to hide from it by sinking lower down in my seat. I will say no more but I would recommend too.

    • Glad you liked it too. It has traces of Whitehall farce; the plays that used to be shown on televsion where Brian Rix inevitably had a scene where his trousers were round his ankles.

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