The Coronavirus Diaries: 31st March 2020

It’s astonishing how quickly I have become shop phobic. Only a week ago I was wondering how I was going to manage without my almost daily popping into a local shop to buy one or two items. Now I am delaying, and yesterday when I came home clutching a big bag of spring greens I was thinking I could be shop free for several days at least.

The third podcast went up today. I seem to be more relaxed about leaving verbal stumbles and errors, but I am confused by the amount of ambient rustling n this one given I was sitting still. Or did I just think I was sitting still? Those of you who have taken to studying philosophy while confined at home can wrestle with that one.

No pictures today, or at least no pictures from today as my camera battery was flat. I took a couple of photos on my ‘phone, but although I have plugged it into the computer the two do not seem to be talking. That’s annoying as I wanted to decant all my ‘phone pictures onto my laptop as the memory is full. Normally I’d ask Ahmad at All About Phones and he would sort it out for me, but of course the shop is shut. The things we take for granted until they aren’t there.

The amaryllis are doing nicely. MasterB is taking quite an interest.

Checking on the amaryllis

satisfied with growth

I spent the morning in front of the computer and on the ‘phone. Finance. Trying to set up a new ISA before the deadline, and battling with getting an account with a building society to talk to a bank. In the end I signed up for the online service with the building society. All was going well until I got a message telling me my activation code would be sent in the post. We aren’t really getting post at the moment. My copy of the New European which I should have received on Thursday reached me yesterday afternoon.

More curried lentil soup at lunchtime (I made double quantities yesterday) but no calls. Then it was time to record the podcast. I realised I was going into far more detail than intended, so had to start again. As I rerecorded, and had been going for about ten minutes, I heard myself refer to something I should have mentioned at the beginning but was pretty sure I hadn’t. The playback confirmed my fears. I am still finding editing on Podbean something of a trial. The cutting tool seems more blunt axe than razor blade. More practice necessary. Anyway, I hope I got round it by including the missing info in the written intro to the recording.

By this time I was eager to escape the flat and Celia and I arranged to meet to walk to Bermondsey. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I have very efficient kidneys. Apparently a good thing, but something of a trial when I am out and about. Especially now. All toilets are closed. It means I can’t walk as far or for as long as I’d like, and today had to leave Celia and march home. The day had warmed up after a very chilly start and I was wearing too many layers. Hat and gloves went into my bag. I unwound my scarf, untoggled my duffel coat. Marched on, and made it home. Phew.

Tonight I had finally made a start on the next jigsaw. I know lots of people have turned to television while confined and are bingeing on box sets, but I am watching very little. Maybe my television moment will come, but for now I prefer silence, the odd LP, birdsong in the morning.

Stay well.

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